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ion water cooler

Ion water cooler

ion water cooler                                     

For home or office, you’ve never seen a water cooler like the ION. Environmentally friendly, world-class appliance design and styling, the ION water cooler transforms ordinary tap water into your own source of freshly, filtered water – instantly chilled, piping hot, or even sparkling, the natural soft drink.

Help the environment by removing bottled water from your home and office. And with ION’s revolutionary SleepMode technology, you’ll save up to 30% on your energy bill versus any other water cooler.

Freshly purified water at a lower cost, more convenient, and better for the environment. With the ION, by Natural Choice, you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. InstaChill gets its incredible cooling capacity from a unique ice bank system. Dispense a 7 ounce glass of water every 30 seconds… for an hour… and ION makes sure its 42° F or colder. No other cooler even comes close.

 Available in a range of colors and models. RapidHot delivers steaming hot water for tea, cocoa, and instant soups. Or enjoy Sparkling Water (carbonated) at the touch of a button … it’s the healthy alternative to coffee and soft drinks.


Turn the ION water cooler into a floor-standing cooler and place it anywhere. With 10 times the cooling capacity of an ordinary water cooler, the ION water cooler can serve a lot of employees during breaktime.

Choose the functional Stand with built-in cup dispensers and storage below for CO2 tanks and extra cups. Or maybe you’re looking for the tastefully designed Water Cooler. Place the ION water cooler on top … or in the nook below, freeing up room above for a coffee machine or microwave. Perfect for home or office.

ion water cooler





ion water cooler


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