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how much is a water cooler rental

How much is a water cooler rental?

When you are trying to decide on the water cooler rental for your office or home you want to look for companies that offer NO CONTRACT. Blue Water Cooler Solutions is the only company to offer a no contract water cooler rental.

Signing up for a water cooler rental from Blue Water Cooler Solutions is the easiest way to begin enjoying our refreshing filtered water at your home or office. Instead of searching for and purchasing a cooler, which could involve making a big up-front investment, you can simply rent a top-quality bottleless water cooler from us, saving yourself time and money. The cost to rent a water cooler from us ranges from 39.95$ to 69.95$ a month depending on the model you want.

We offer the best bottleless water coolers in the industry. The ION water cooler is one of the newest state of the art water coolers ever made.Bottleless Water Coolers

Hot and cold bottleless water coolers that will allow you to enjoy cold water at a temperature between 37-50 degrees and hot water as warm as 170-185 degrees. While cold water is refreshing to drink, hot water can be used to make instant coffee, tea, and soup.
Room temperature and cold water coolers – If having hot water isn’t a priority for you, or you simply prefer drinking water at room temperature, then this may be the best type of water cooler rental for your home or office.
Countertop coolers – These are ideal if you have limited floor space, but still want to provide convenient access to clean bottled water.
Crocks and wooden stands – If you like your drinking water at room temperature, and want the aesthetic of a wooden stand, consider renting a ceramic crock instead of a cooler.
We offer bottleless water filter dispenser systems, which will remove contaminants from your water supply to provide your home or office with unlimited clean water. We offer many of our water cooler models for sale. We can even provide the paper cups, Styrofoam cups, coffee and tea products, and many other water-related accessories you may need, making us your one-stop shop for all of your beverage needs.

To learn more about our water cooler rental service, contact Blue Water Cooler Solutions today.


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