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product-_0000s_0000_Everist-PlumbedBlue Water Cooler Solutions is taking cooling the New Zealand waters  to new heights with the introduction of the Everest. Its sleek two toned aesthetic will enhance any space. The sturdy and ergonomic faucet handles are 7? higher than traditional units, which enables effortless dispensing. The removable side panels facilitate access to all electrical components for easy maintenance and servicing. Crystal Mountain proves that anything is possible when there is a drive to overcome all obstacles.

  • Ultra modern, sleek and stylish
  • Twin taped available in hot & cold and ambient & cold.
  • Ergonomic faucet height
  • High gloss finish
  • Winner of the European Aqua Awards for Best Product Design/Innovation Bottled Water Cooler of the year
  • Fitted with KDF 1 micron super filter


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