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Bottleless Water Coolers

Bottleless Water Coolers

Are you tired of the heavy lifting and modification of bottles of water? Your company has concerns in relation to the employees eventually affecting their back to lift those heavy bottles? If you think yes, you should look for a change of these bottles for a cold,  hot Bottleless Water Cooler dispenser for your office. It is not only easier on the back, but it is also easier on their expenses.

bottleless water coolers from Blue Water cooler solutions can take the load off your back.

less expensive than bottled water
a better quality of the drinking water
no lifting or heavy bottle storage
reduction in cooler water bacteria accumulation
a bottleless water cooler system or water filter for your office will eliminate the hassle of constantly replacing the bottles of water and the constant parade of service people dragging through your office. you will  save money and will have no more to suffer the regular deliveries of these water bottles disgrace in your office or storage room.

If your office has ten or more employees, you are an ideal candidate for a water cooler dealer for our water coolers service based in GTA. Not only a system of filtration of water cost less costly, but the quality of the water is much higher. In addition, due to the elimination of human manipulation, there is a huge reduction of bacteria around the water cooler that leads obviously to a further increase of the health benefits.

Point-of-use water coolers that use the filtration of high-quality water can be located near any in a typical office or tank. Our trained technicians will feed the system from a preferred source of water in the inside of the building so that there are no lines of input important contribution toward the water cooler in itself. These cooler bottleless water systems are designed for intensive use in a desktop environment classic.

In addition to the franchise of standing point-of-use water cooler, there are also systems of countertop and sink mounted valves available. Often under-COUNTER coolers can provide cold water high-capacity of a pressurized vessel mounted out of site, below the stack in your kitchen.

Today, State-of-the-art designs provide attractive improvements for office and provide the options of providing cool, cold, warm and hot immediately. In more than a typical Office Affairs, these systems are perfect for schools, restaurants, and the manufacturing facilities.

The purified drinking water for multiple uses: supply of purified drinking water FEED ice coffee distributors of hot water and offers an excellent source of drinking water, the water filtration systems of high quality can be used to feed the coffee makers, ice machines and the distributors of hot water to make soups and for almost any other office for the purpose of cooking. And since there is no water bottles to the provision of programs, the distributors of refrigerator of drinking water, to the time point of use and a desk water coolers are connected in, eliminating the inconvenience and Delivery Traffic.

Provided on a monthly contract of service, regular six-monthly service and hygiene is provided to ensure that their systems are always work perfectly. In addition, twenty-four hours of emergency appeal in service is provided to all customers to make sure that none of the unforeseeable problems are corrected as soon as is humanly possible to do so. There are no hidden costs and maintenance services are included in the monthly cost of Blue Water Cooler Solutions Bottleless water coolers.

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