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Why a Bottleless Water Cooler is a Great Option

By the time your finished reading this you should have a great understanding of why using a bottleless water cooler rental is a great option for your business or just for your own personal use in your home. Over time there has been much contention as to whether or not using bottled water is better, or if it just contributes to an unhealthy environment. No matter what your opinion is, we can give you some solid reasons why using our filtration system is important.

Why Our Bottleless Water Coolers are Convenient

If you have tried the traditional bottled water in the past then you already know that you dread the day that you have to change those huge water bottles! If you are using the plumbed in cooler available to you from Blue Water Cooler Solutions, then you won’t have to be bothered with that anymore. Changing out those large bottles can be troublesome and it can take up valuable time out of your day in order to do so. Why not work with something that is so much easier to maneuver? You can get the best system and ease of use when you purchase your ION water dispenser from Blue Water Cooler Solutions.

Other Risks in Using Bottled Water

Did you know that there are so many other risks in using bottled water that you may not have considered before? With bottled water you will run the risk of contamination during the handling process, so are you willing to take that risk? The neck of the bottle is where most people grab the bottle, and once you decide to replace that bottle, you will attach it to the spout by putting the neck into the stand. Do you want that bacteria to transfer into your water? Most will say no! Why not use a bottleless water cooler rather than the traditional bottled water system?

Another risk that you may not have considered yet is that lifting those heavy bottles can put your employees at risk. Why take that chance when you don’t have to? You won’t have to worry if you are using the system that is available to you from Blue Water Cooler Solutions, and once you try it you will find out just how much time and labor it saves you. Don’t put an employee at risk for injury by lifting a heavy bottle either; you will be so glad that you chose wisely!

Last but Not Least

Did you know that you can easily use our bottleless water cooler without having to refill it? Because our system isn’t traditional, and we don’t use those heavy bottles, our system is set up to fill automatically. Once your unit is connected to an outlet, you can use the cold and hot water spouts to give you the fresh, clean water you want and it’s all hidden away inside the cooler where no one will touch it. Isn’t this the filtration system that makes sense? Try our ION water cooler today for 30 days 100% FREE by calling 905 926 2787


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